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I would love you forever, honestly haha

KEITH?!?! yOU know someone?! You of all people; I am shocked
Anyone I know? I’m kinda anxious to buy off someone I don’t know.


Self. Harm. Is. Not. Art.

Suicide. Is. Not. Beautiful.

Depression. Is. Not. Pretty.

Anxiety. Is. Not. Cute.

Fucking stop.

beta-phase whispered I didnt take a bath though lol

Baths are great though!!!

beta-phase whispered I did the exact same thing Wednesday night!

Haha I don’t have anyone to get weed off of anymore so this’ll have to do :p


One Era Meme → Nine Villains 

The Daleks

"You still have a lot of time to make yourself be what you want."
S.E. Hinton (via ohdreaming)

Bath time blues

Push Forward in Life

I'm Haley.18, Pansexual, and Adventurous. Trying to recover while being a total stoner.My ask is always open if you ever want to talk!